At H-ITC we deliver success through innovative solutions, working with our customers to transform their services. We work for both the public and private sector, and have earned a strong reputation in delivering transformational services, particularly within local and central government.


Since our foundation in 2007, we have grown to become one of Scotland’s leading people centric system solution providers. During this time, we have retained our integrity by supporting the needs of our customers and our team through an honest, open and partnership-led approach to everything we do.


We are driven by our entrepreneurial nature, developing solutions to meet our customers' evolving needs. We pride ourselves in staying ahead of market trends to meet changing preferences across government and the public sector.



Unit 4 Business World Accreditations

We also all have on average 20+ years’ experience working with Unit 4 Business World & hold the following U4 BW certificates: Record to Reporting Accreditation, General Ledger, Reporting 1, Additional Elements, Account Payable, Basic Procurement, Accounts Receivable & Sales Orders.